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party, party

November 5, 2009

We are just a day away from our first American Demigods event! That’s right, the Creation Party is tomorrow. We are so excited for a huge turnout and riotous fun.

The Creation Party goes from 7pm to 9pm (performance starts at 7:30) at Uptown’s finest eating and drinking establishment, The Spot, 4437 North Broadway. Comedy, music, art, silent auction, and alcohol.

Support the arts. Party Arty! Drink til we’re cute! Mingle til you tingle!


The first first production as opposed to the second first production which we’re doing now.

November 3, 2009

Well okay, we’re calling Monks in Trouble our debut production but in the mists of prehistory we actually produced Lysistrata 3000, back in the mists of history. A postapocalyptic “reimagining” of the ancient Greek comedy. L3K was a huge hit which created a lot of momentum that we did absolutely nothing with. We’re totally not going to do this again. Trust us.