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Guest Post from Jarvis McFadden

July 28, 2010

We at American Demigods thought it might be fun to have a guest blog entry by the hero of our new show, Jarvis McFadden himself. What follows is Jarvis’s take on the exciting work we’ve been doing!

So I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing here, I have to admit I’ve been kind of confused by this process from the start. My name is Jarvis McFadden, and unless you’re familiar with the North Glenville area, you’ve probably never heard of me. It’s hard to describe exactly what my relationship is to the town, I’m sometimes described as a sort of “local hero”, not frequently, and usually facetiously, but I am described that way. Sometimes.

I solve crimes, I help people who are in trouble, all that sort of thing. The fact that I’ve acquired a small bit of local notoriety is why this “American Demigods” acting troupe became interested in me I guess. They told me they wanted to put on a play about my life, which, while flattering at first, is a little weird, the more I think about it. Rory Leahy, who said he wanted to write the play says that he considers me to be a “fascinating figure in contemporary American life” which is again, flattering and weird, but mostly weird. These theatre people are pretty strange folks really. I consider myself a pretty cultured guy but I’m not too comfortable with the fact that their job is basically all about lies, as a detective, I don’t like that, because my job is all about uncovering the truth. Theatre is a natural enemy of mine really. Note: It is perhaps inevitable that we will destroy each other.

But family and friends of mine thought it was a “neat idea” so I guess I allowed myself to be talked into it.  Mr. Leahy also declared that he wanted to portray me onstage himself, which I confess I laughed at a bit, as A) Mr. Leahy bears almost no physical resemblance to me, other than the fact that we are both men of Celtic stock, and B) he is significantly older than me.

After I agreed to this, Mr. Leahy began following me around, accompanying me on routine cases, asking me a number of rather personal questions about my life and relationships, and doing some kind of highly theatrical “impression” of me, which Mr. Leahy rather inaccurately referred to as “capturing my essence”.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had a professional actor type do an imitation of you right to your face but the effect is…unsettling.

I also don’t think his portrayal will be at all realistic. I want to assure people, for one thing, that my “intimidating voice” is much more genuinely intimidating and less comical than Mr. Leahy chooses to depict it.

So what do I think about the play itself? Well that’s the thing, I haven’t been allowed to read it! Despite several requests, Mr. Leahy and the director David DeVries continue to insist that me reading the script would “ruin the magic.” So I’m starting to get the sinking feeling that I’m not going to like what I see come July 30th. I’ve already started to look into the legality of all this.

I can tell you one thing I definitely don’t like, the title. It’s called “The Irrelevant Adventures of Jarvis McFadden”. That’s a little…belittling don’t you think?

You have to understand that my life is about the pursuit of justice. I don’t think there’s anything particularly “irrelevant” about that. In fact I consider it to be pretty damn relevant mister.

I mean look, you can take issue with how I do the job, you can tell me I do the job terribly in fact, I don’t care, but what I don’t appreciate is suggesting that what I do, what I earnestly try to do, which is help people, is somehow not important. That’s not an insult to me, it’s an insult to the values of law, order and decency which I represent. But I guess these showbiz folks really do have different values from most of us.

I’m starting to wonder who these self proclaimed “American Demigods” think they are actually.

Ha ha! We hope you all enjoyed Jarvis McFadden’s guest blog entry. Jarvis has a great sense of humor which is one of the reasons he’s such a unique and compelling character to build a show around. Jarvis is actually really enthusiastic about our play and he’s hoping you all attend and have a great time.

Also, directors and casting agents of the world please take note, Jarvis is exaggerating when he says Rory Leahy is “significantly older” than he is. He looks great and actually appears significantly younger than his chronological age! We’ll see you all when we open this weekend!


AD Hits the Spot!

July 24, 2010

Thanks to all who came out to our soiree at the Spot. We discovered what root beer vodka tastes like; saw the talents of Rando, the world’s most affordable magician; found the best french dip in Chicago; and blessedly raised enough money for costumes, avoiding a disastrous allusion to Hair.

The Demigods love you.