Marshmallows and Miyazaki: The Meg Eaton Story (Coming soon to Lifetime)

August 6, 2010

The hilarious Meg Eaton (yes, she knows her last name is funny) shared some thoughts on divinity, dream roles, and that exasperating Bono fellow.

Tell us a little about your characters.

Katie Andrews is a sarcastic 19-year-old who knows everyone and their business. I also play the terribly passive-aggressive, sitting and knitting mother of Michelle.

First show?

Besides endless church plays, my first show was Oliver! the musical when I was 7. I played an orphan. Someone in the cast made marshmallow figures of all of us. Best post-show gift ever.

Dream role?

Miranda in The Tempest. Or maybe myself in my eventual Lifetime movie venture. Can I go with both?

Meg in a photo by Heather Scholl

Ain’t no party like a Katie Andrews party cuz:

you will never make it out alive! Mwahahaha!

Let’s get all Proust questionnaire for a moment:

What is the natural talent with which you’d like to be gifted?

Cleaning while sleepwalking.

What do you hate the most?

I don’t like U2, squeaky styrofoam, and the sound of people chewing ice. It must be a the frequency of those noises. They do all kind of sound the same.

What is your motto?

Be a trooper!

Who do you consider a modern-day demigod?

I look at Miyazaki, and I’m pretty convinced of his divinity. But ultimately, I think we’re all little gods of our own universes.


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