Meet the Author – Reina Hardy on Writing

April 11, 2011

Reina Hardy, author of Erratica, recently indulged the interrogatory whims of the AD web monkeys and participated in an interview via email.

As a writer, what do you generally do once the script is done and rehearsals have started?
I glower in the background and do stuff on my laptop during rehearsals.  That’s what I’m doing right now in Orlando for my play, “Glassheart.”  That’s the character I have for every show.

How active are you in bringing your plays to fruition?  Do you tend to argue with directors about different points or ideas?  Are you more hands-off or hands-on?
Depends on the parameters of the development process.  “Glassheart” is still being rewritten, so I’m here all the time, working and talking with the director.  “Erratica” is totally complete, so I just came to a readthrough, and otherwise let the director and cast work on their own.

Where do the words come from?  Who do you think has influenced your voice?
Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis and “Labyrinth” were my childhood influences.  I’m not sure where the words come from and I don’t ask in case they stop.

What makes a story worth telling?
1. It should be, in some fundamental but not literal way, true.
2. It should not make the world worse by propagating narratives and tropes that re-inforce the worst aspects of the world as it is.
3. Someone should love it a whole lot.

You get one super-power.  What is it?

Flight!  Or self-healing. I probably NEED self healing.  I’m injury-prone.

What really pisses you off?  I mean REALLY.  I’m talking murderous rage here.

Lazy writing. Also, the patriarchal system of oppression sometimes really gets up my skirt.

What do you mean by lazy writing?  Can you offer some examples of particularly lazy writing in some popular medium?  Films, books, other plays?

You don’t want to get me started.

What is your personal motto?

Remember the Hotel Night Manager Does Not Give a Fuck.

That sounds like there’s a story in that.
There are several.

If, hypothetically, someone wanted to seduce you, how would they go about it?  In theory.

Have good breath and an erection.

Bar seems kindof low.  Is that really all it takes?

I am a simple girl.

Who do you consider a modern-day demigod?

David Milch, Robert Downey Jr., and Nora Ephron.

One comment

  1. Reina, I’m buying you drinks soon…just so I can hear these hotel manager stories! 🙂 Dan

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