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American Demigods Local Heroes Reading Series

August 1, 2013

The American Demigods Local Heroes Reading Series spotlights plays in development from some of Chicago’s most exciting local playwrights Sundays this August.

August 4th at 5pm, we will present “Until Death” by Dana Lynn Formby.

August 11th at 2pm we will present “The Outlaws of Gallica” by Rory Leahy,

August 18th at 5pm, we will present “Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven” by Reina Hardy, and we conclude

August 25th at 5pm we will present Last Cadillac by Reginald Edmund.

The Local Heroes series focuses on Chicago playwrights. Unlike other reading series, we don’t pick the plays. Instead, we invite great writers to participate so they can hear a reading of the script they want to work on most.

Come see these future theatrical classics at the moment of their birth!
Admission is free, beverages available for suggested donation.

August 1, 2013
It seems we went all of 2012 without posting. Which is too bad! Cuz we did some great stuff in 2012! That May, we presented The Factory That Makes Devils, a series of horror/comedy shorts written and directed by Artistic Director Rory Leahy.
Two pieces from Factory, “So You Thought You Might Like To Go To The Show” and “The One With The Zombies” were remounted later last year by EndTimes Productions in New York! A prose version of the former was also published in the online fiction journal, Dream Quarry!
Another piece from Factory, “He’s Really A Great Guy” is being published in The Best Ten Minute Plays of 2013 anthology from Smith And Krauss, and rumor has it a film adaptation may be in the works.
Later that year, we produced the very first workshop of what was then called Conmusical, by our longtime friends Matt Board and Reina Hardy. Now known as Fanatical, this brilliant musical set at a sci fi convention is taking the United Kingdom by storm, currently a finalist in the Search For A Twitter Composer competition.Where will an American Demigods show go next?