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Demigod Dave on Stowaway!

November 1, 2011

Demigod Dave Wilhelm is featured in this week’s Aesthetically Speaking on the pop culture/travel/social justice blog Stowaway:

This is more than a job. It’s part of who I am, as cliche-ridden as it may be to suggest it. It is integral to what it means to be me and were it removed I would feel that I was no longer myself.

Hear the Dave perspective on artistic influences, the commodification of art, desk-riding, and Transformers 4. There there be dragons.

Thanks to Stowaway, one of our favorite Chicago-based blogs. Writer Lisa Findley’s brilliance is evidenced here and here and here.



December 12, 2010

The American Demigods are titillated to announce our next production: ERRATICA by Reina Hardy!
Directed by Dan Foss
April 21 through May 14, 2011.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights
Second Stage Theatre, 3408 N. Sheffield

“Bad poetry, good sex, and severe academic misconduct.” AD can’t wait to mount a new production of Hardy’s raucous and raunchy work. Produced with permission of Original Works Publishing.



February 25, 2010

It’s been two weeks and the first reviews are in.

“*****…Monks in Trouble has a terrific cast and is a thought provoking, humorous play.”

“Sam Bailey had a wonderful presence…Rich with fantastic banter…each actor brings a unique quality to the characters….This show is perfect for this venue.”

“The five very talented actors, two who stand out, Dan Cooney and Ken Craig take their audience on a journey seeking the answer to a soulful mystery. This is perfect entertainment for a weekend.”

See what Chicagoans are talking about. Tickets are still available for this week’s performances of “Monks In Trouble.”

Call the Apollo box office at (773) 935-6100 and punch 0 for a ticket agent.


the Demigods are born

October 1, 2009

American Demigods is a Chicago based not-for-profit theatre company dedicated to producing original works, and original productions of established works, which embody the qualities of excellence, beauty, and moral vision. We want to tell stories about how to be human, how to be good, and how to be semidivine.