The American Demigods are titillated to announce our next production: ERRATICA by Reina Hardy!
Directed by Dan Foss
April 22 through May 15, 2011.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights
Second Stage Theatre, 3408 N. Sheffield

“Bad poetry, good sex, and severe academic misconduct.” AD can’t wait to mount a new production of Hardy’s raucous and raunchy work. Produced with permission of Original Works Publishing.


One comment

  1. Reina Hardy’s “Erratica” smacks and crackles with the kind of razor sharp dialgoue and plot twists I haven’t experienced since the last time I watched Rosalind Russell bring Ben Hecht’s words to such vivid life in “His Girl Friday.” Lisa Herceg is excellent as the ambition and libido-driven Shakespearean scholar Dr. Samanth Stafford, and David Wilhelm is wonderfully arch as the spectral presence of Christopher Marlowe’s ghost, who randily haunts the professor. Thanks American Demigods, Ms. Hardy, director Dan Foss, and the entire cast for a thoroughly enjoyable night at the theater.

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