The American Demigods are proud to announce our second production: The Irrelevant Adventures of Jarvis McFadden.
Jarvis McFadden is an aimless young man living in the sleepy, affluent suburb of North Glenville. He has forsaken college to care for his widowed mother and his eccentric siblings. One fateful night, when his friends are menaced by two bullies at a house party gone wrong, he discovers his destiny: To become a tough, hard-boiled private detective, seeking to find justice in a cruel and indifferent world.
He dons a trenchcoat and a fedora and hits the streets of North Glenville, determined to cleanse them of crime, violence and corruption. If only he can find some…

Jarvis poster by Marissa Nilson

The American Demigods present The Irrelevant Adventures of Jarvis McFadden, written by Rory Leahy and directed by David Devries, Friday and Saturday nights, July 30th through September 4th, 2010, 8 PM at the Cornservatory Theatre. $15 at the door or at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/120075

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